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Custom 4o4 Page

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404 pages are used to let your visitors know when they have landed on a page that no longer exists.


Default 404 pages will get the message across, but they look very generic unless you have a custom 404 page designed to match your business brand.




Here are some we prepared earlier:



Principle Building


Campbelltown Counselling


Compusoft Australia


Star Metal Polishing


Brace yourself, this is what a default 404 page looks like if you don't get a custom design:

Your customers will hopefully never see a 404 page, but if your website is very dynamic and frequently evolving, there is a good chance that you will grow out of some of your old pages and that's when the 404 page shows up.  It's a kindness to your visitors to have a lovely 404 page to enhance their viewing experience if they do come across a page that no longer exists.




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