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How to prepare for an eCommerce Website.

boxtick  Decide on a domain name and hosting

Domain and web hosting are obligitory to every website. Your domain name should reflect your business name and should be easy to spell. Avoid strange spelling and numbers or symbols within your domain name if these are difficult to explain or type into an address bar. Once you decide what your business domain name will be, you will need to decide who will be your domain host (the service that allows you to keep your website in their webspace). Domains usually cost between $10 - $30 per year each, and web hosting starts at around $100 per year for a no-frills service and goes right up over $1000 for high needs websites. 

*Please note: Our eCommerce module is intended as a side module for our business websites only. If you intend to set up your website predominantly as an online shop, you might consider using a specialist eCommerce Solution such as 'Shopify' or 'BigCommerce'.  There are free eCommerce solutions available on the world wide web too, and some them are pretty amazing, but beware - there is usually a very expensive 'catch' when you use these free services. 

boxtick  Decide on a phone policy

Decide whether you will have a public phone system whereby users can contact your business directly. If you choose to have a phone, have a plan in place for international callers. Consider getting a Skype landline number that redirects to your mobile phone if you are frequently out of the office.

boxtick  Choose where you will store your inventory

Ensure that you look to the future as well as the present when choosing storage options for your stock.

An alternative to holding your own stock is drop-shipping, whereby when an order is made through your ecommerce store, you request the ordered item from a third-party distributor who ships directly to the customer that made the purchase. Drop-shipping allows businesses to avoid having to hold and store their own stock.

boxtick  Setup a business bank account

When starting any business, your bank will most likely be very helpful in setting up a dedicated account in your business name. Try to keep all expenses and earnings separate from day one. This will make tax time a lot easier.

To accept credit card payments, as an ecommerce website in Australia you will need a merchant account for processing. Shop around for the best deal as different institutions charge different fees. Paypal offers a full-service solution for accepting payment, however they take a percentage of each transaction that is made via your store.

boxtick  Attract customers to your website

Please keep in mind that having an eCommerce module on your website is no guarantee that customers will automatically buy from you, especially if you have a lot of competition in your particular market. Just as building a new shopfront on the street does not guarantee that customers will come in and buy from you, particularly if there are already other shops on that street that have been there longer and sell the same things that you do. In much the same way, you need to get the word out that your products and services are as appealing as possible. Research your competition and make sure you look at least as good as they do and always remember to add in excellent contnet, images and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) features.

Create groups of customers based upon search filters like: where they’re located, money spent, etc. Use this information to better understand customer behaviours or target these customers with marketing emails.
The LJWD eCommerce module allows you to sell your products and collect online payments from within your existing website!
You can add your products, upload their photos, set stock levels and more to build out your eCommerce website's inventory.

If you would like to add an eCommerce Module to your existing DNN Website, we can install the Starter Pack at any time for only $1250.00 (price includes 20 products).


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