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A few good reasons to upgrade to DNN 9.3:

To help you gain a better understanding into the importance of updating your software, I'm pointing out the most vital elements that many clients may not be aware of:

Security could become an issue if your website becomes outdated.

The main reason for upgrading to the latest DNN update is to help your website and visitors to stay protected from security threats. Older software will continue to have the same bugs and exploitable holes in the code that allow hackers and cyber criminals to get up to infiltrate your system through such means as contact forms and user registration abuse. 

Hackers are able to discover new vulnerabilities to all website programs, including DNN and all of your third party modules almost as quickly as the developers can create ways to protect customers like you. Don’t put your website and it's valuable visitors at risk by failing to utilise the latest software update or you may live to regret it.

Some amazing new modules are being designed to run on the newest version of DNN.

Because DNN websites are dynamic and constantly growing with your business, you've got the power to expand it in any way you wish. Most of you are already enjoying updating your own marvellous modules such as our Blog, Events Calendar, Image Galleries, Newsletters and more. While the current modules will continue to work with the same reliability and ease that you have become accustomed to, we will be adding even more new modules to our portfolio in 2019 that will not be stable on older versions of DNN. An upgrade will help you to keep up with the trends.

Keeping up with the changing times:

We've all seen older websites that are rigid and look completely out of place on our larger screens and smaller devices. Keeping your website updated will help to prevent any awkward display and functionality from occurring as new devices are coming out. Your competition is likely to have a beautiful and smooth functioning website, its important that we don't let them leave you in the dust.

Google and Bing love a beautiful and modern website!

There are many ways that search engines decide which websites get to be seen on the first page of a search for your businesses keywords and which ones end up somewhere on page 25! The organic search rating that you've all heard me rave about is the most honest and cost effective way to make sure you are in Google's good-books and they measure your website by how good it looks, how modern it looks, how engaging your content is and how visitors engage with your website. Keeping your website beautiful and updated will help ensure a successful ranking on all search engines!

Be on the lookout:

I'll be in touch with you and all the rest of my valued clients to talk about upgrading your website to DNN 9.3 during the month of February.

Looking forward to catching up with you soon!




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  • How can I upgrade it to 9.3?
    3/8/2019 4:12:00 PM Reply
    • @James David: Hi, and thanks for the great question James. For clients of Lizzy Johnson Web Design, I do the updates for them but if you are a developer like me, you can find help on the Dnn Community Blog: I hope you find this helpful. All the best, Lizzy
      7/13/2019 8:01:38 PM Reply

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