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A New Corporate Brand for Principle Building

A New Corporate Brand for Principle Building

When Principle Building was referred to us a couple of months ago, their corporate brand was getting them by quite nicely for a long time, but it just about due for an update. The decision to update their look came at the same time as a restructuring of the business itself. Their goal was to have it all completed in time for a fresh start in the new year.

Here is a preview of what Principle Building's brand looked like before the update:


And this is what it looks like now that we've redesigned it:

Some of the amazing features of this basic 3 page website package include the Image Gallery which the clients are able to update themselves, the parallax contact form sporting one of the images from recent building project of theirs and something very exciting for us was the minimalistic homepage which has nothing but the image background, logo and navigation links. Very simple, very sleek.

They started this project with a new colour palette, or I should more accurately say, the removal of their old blue colour palette. We went with a scale of elegant and subtle shades of grey in this 'Oregon Winter' palette inspired by the place of my birth. 

Next was the setting up of the email accounts, redirection of the DNS, creation of the Coming Soon Page and then finally we were able to begin on the logo design. Here is the old logo:

 The new logo took a couple of re-designs before they had exactly what they wanted, but we ended up with this:


Next, we updated their social networks, starting with their Facebook Company page, which appeared like this in a Facebook Search before we redesigned it:

Facebook Company Page Search

It now has an introductory video banner with images of their gorgeous work. Between that, and the new logo, their revamped Facebook Company Page ended up looking like this:

Their new Instagram page was easier because we were able to start from scratch with all new images and information:

The owners have full access to their social accounts and are able to create updates, ads and posts at their convenience.

Eager to get the new brand out there, we started on the Business Cards and Email Signature even before the website was completed. We haven't seen how the final cards turned out yet, but here is the design we created for them to send to their printers:


The email footer was a bit tricky, because they are using a custom type style and most computers will not be able to read it. No worries, we just turned all of the words into images and hyperlinked them to the appropriate pages and this was the result:

The new logo was also used for a 'Van Wrap' design, and we are very eager to see what that looks like. We'll be sure to post a picture of it when we get one.

Please stop around and have a look at the new and improved Principle Building website and remember, you can contact Principle Building directly if you are in the market for quality kitchen, bathroom and home renovations.

Feel free to comment to let us know what you think of our newest Corporate Re-brand Project.



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