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Setting up an Email Signature in Outlook Express

Setting up an Email Signature in Outlook Express

To set up your email signature so that it automatically shows up when you create or reply to an email, follow these step by step instructions:

Store the signature in a safe place

Open the email containing your email signature attachment. Right click on the attachment and save it in a safe place in case you need it again one day.


Copy the signature

  • Open the Microsoft Word document containing your email signature.
  • Copy the entire table by clicking your mouse on the icon in the top left corner.




Open a new email

  • Start Microsoft Outlook Express
  • Open a new email

Configure the signature

  • In the new email, click the ‘Signature’ link and a drop down list will appear.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the list and click where it says ‘Signatures…’ A new dialog box will appear. (Don’t worry if your list of existing signatures is not as long as the one in the example.)

Paste in the new signature and save it

  • You will have a blank space where you can edit your new signature. Right click into the top left corner of that space and select ‘Paste’ from the drop down list.
  • Double check to make sure everything looks right. Make sure there are no spaces above the signature and that the table is formatted properly.


If you want this signature to be the one that automatically shows up every time you create a new email, then go to the ‘Choose default signature’ section on the top right side of the dialog box.

a. Select which email address you want to use the signature for.

b. Beside ‘New Messages’, select the name you have just given to your new signature

c. If you also want to use this signature automatically every time you reply to or forward an email, then beside ‘Replies/forwards’ select the name of the new signature.

Click ‘OK’ when you have finished.



Please feel free to leave comments or suggestions as to how well these instructions have worked for you and let us know if you need further assistance at all.



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