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A Big Welcome to Our Dynamic New Clients at Floralistic!

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A Big Welcome to Our Dynamic New Clients at Floralistic!

Floralistic came to us with a very clear idea of what kind of a business they wanted to start and how they wanted to market it, and they have since proven to be right on the mark!

Starting with a cost effective service of creating Artificial Flowers (which is both: in demand and under-represented in our area), and then providing a unique and artistic approach to their product and finally, topping it all of with amazing customer service. We had high expectations for Floralistic right from the beginning!

To start out with, they needed a name for their new business and we had a fair bit of consultation about this to make sure the name would be both unique and relevant. In the end the owners came up with Floralistic on thier own and it just felt right! Next step was to secure their business name and domain. Then it was on to the logo design.

It is so easy to work with people who already know what they want! The owners of Floralistic sent an image of some pillows that contained the colour palette they liked best, so we just had to turn those splotches into hexadecimal codes and that job was already completed. Next, came the actual logo. The clients were so switched on about what font, design ratio and basic imagery to use, all we had to do was simply graphically produce and vectorise the sketches they sent and there you have it... instant logo design. 

Floralistic Logo Design

 As for the web design, Floralistic decided on the three page Basic Web Site to start with, but quickly outgrew it. Soon new products and product categories like 'Wedding Arrangements' and 'Gift Boxes' were added as main features and each one needed a page to itself. Further to this, we saw that Floralistic has a very dynamic Facebook Company page that was getting a lot of positive attention and so we decided to add a live facebook feed module to their original Products Page. - All of these new works were required within a couple of months of the launch of thier website, which says a lot for the proactive marketing and business development of Floralistic's management team.

If you would like to see how a new business can start off with a spectacular bang, or are interested in getting some long-lasting, low maintenance, non allergenic artistic floral arrangements for your office space or event, be sure to contact Floralistic at: or call them on 0468 322 266.


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