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A Warm Welcome to Nictritious!

A Warm Welcome to Nictritious!

Nicole Cusack came to us with over 20 years of skills and experience working with cancer patients as a Radiation Therapist. This type of work sparked an interest in and gave her a unique insight into what therapies, medicines and strategies can actually make a positive impact on the healing process, especially for those who are fighting life threatening diseases. Nicole has since obtained formal qualifications in complimentary therapies such as Massage Therapy and Reiki. When her own son became ill several years ago, Nicole had a chance to put some of the diet and lifestyle theories and complimentary threapies into practise. Soon the whole family began to see the improvements and adopted a Paleo/LCHF lifestyle and they have never looked back since! Nicole is now driven to share the secrets of her healthy lifestyle with you, and this is why she decided to start her business as a Paleo/LCHF lifestyle coach.

With an awesome business name like 'Nictritious', a well considered business plan, a much needed service to the community and a very clear vision for the future, Nicole's Corporate Identity Package was an absolute joy to work on. We started out with the obligatory administrative work: Securing a domain name, providing web hosting, setting up email accounts etc. Next was the fun part, the choosing of lettering styles and colour concepts and from there, we started building the Nictritious Brand with a fresh and bright logo to represent the services being offered:

Nictritious Logo

From there, we created the business cards so that Nicole could start promoting the business straight away:

Next came the letterhead and email signature, to add uniformity of brand in all communications:



And finally, the crowning jewel of the Nictritious Corporate Identity Package, the device-responsive, DNN website:


As with all Lizzy Johnson Web Designs, we set Nictritious up so that it shows up in pride of place in the search engines, and we continue to monitor and adjust her keywords through analytics programs to make sure she stays on that first page of the search results.

The official launch of Nicole's business took place a couple of weeks ago in Camden and we are pleased to announce that Nicole has already been able to leave her 'day job' in order to nurture her business on a full time basis!

Well done Nicole, we are delighted to be part of your success story!



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