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Launch Day for Ancient Greek Retreats!

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Launch Day for Ancient Greek Retreats!

Ancient Greek Retreats has come to us with a fantastic business idea, plenty of their own ideas about colours, sketches for the logo design, stockpiles of high quality photos and a very clear idea of where they wanted to go with the overall branding, and best of all, they had compiled a complete list of documents containing the web content. With careful prepartation like that to start out with, the whole project seemed virtually effortless. If you ever want to know how to prepare the branding for your new business, talk to Catherine Printziou of Ancient Greek Retreats.



For the logo, we were given a pencil sketch of a Greek column, some layout ideas depicting how the lettering might be used and plenty of photos to give us a good idea of the colours that would appeal to their demographic. Seriously, they even supplied the name of the type font they wanted to use. We basically got it right on the first go, but just needed to shuffle the colours around till we came up with the finished product:

Ancient Greek Retreats Logo

Ancient Greek Retreats are amongst the first of our clients to utilize the bargain prices of our Australian Based Web Hosting Services and they are Hosting all of their email accounts with us as well. We were able to build their website in record time, thanks to all of the careful preparation that went in before they came to us.

Since we finished so far ahead of schedule, maybe we'll have enough time to check out the services offered by Ancient Greek Retreats in person. Anyone keen for Detoxifying Clay Treatment in the Aegean Sea? Looks absolutely heavenly from here!

Detoxifying Clay Treatment

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