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Re Launch of the new Lizzy Johnson Web Design Site!

Don't ask how we did it during our busiest year ever, but we've finally managed to rebuild our own website and launch it on to our beautiful new Virtual Server. We just finished testing and are now very pleased to present to you, our new website.

You know how it is: Plumbers often have leaky pipes, Mechanics tend to work on their own cars last - after they've seen to all of their valued customers first. The same logic applies to Web Developers. Our old website was working perfectly, don't get me wrong but every time we launched a brighter, flashier, more advanced website, our old one looked more and more outdated by comparison. So we've finally used some of our favourite new techniques and and even bolder colour pallet and did a total rebuild.

We're offering more services now:

  • Web Hosting
  • Domain Hosting
  • eCommerce Websites
  • Business Services
  • New Customer Service Policy
  • DET Qualified Computer Tuition was offered before, but we have a new structure now, especially for beginners and with Group Discounts.
  • We are also building a new online shop for your convenience. 

Our new website also has a few flash new features:

  • Please check out our new portfolio module
  • Scrolling Customer Testimonial module that has a video of the Sydney Opera House during the Vivid Festival looping in the background.
  • We have a lot more dynamic bootstrap components than ever before
  • We are utilising an xBlog mini-news module on the footer of our home page that gets its information directly from the blog you are currently view
  • We have retained the same device and mobile responsiveness that make all DNN websites awesome. 

Some items to watch for in coming weeks:

  • Information about the ever-elusive LJWD Team
  • A customised eCommerce module that you can order your new website, graphic art, computer tuition and web updates from
  • Online chat module

We would sincerely like to thank our wonderful clients for having Faith in us and helping us to grow over the years. You guys are awesome!




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