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Launch Day for David Villanti's New Website

Launch Day for David Villanti's New Website

This is the first time we've ever created a website for a professional actor and it was surprising how many protocols there are for this particular field. We are uniquely qualified now to design websites in such a way that casting agents can quickly and easily access the information they fine most relevant, such as head shots, resume and media clips. Who knew?

It was a bit of a big learning curve working on this site though, it gave us a fantastic opportunity to practise our video editing skills and to configure the videos into a banner without causing issues to anyone's computer, no matter what device or browser is viewing it. Other features we applied to David's new website are the accordion boxes containing all of the casting agent's most important information, including an image gallery. (a module within a module) Challenge accepted!

David is also amongst the first dozen clients to take advantage of significant savings by utilising our new Web Hosting services. Thank you for the confidence in our work David. It was a pleasure working with you and your agent on this very exciting project.



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