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Introducing the Sensory Lady!

Introducing the Sensory Lady!

When an x-roller derby mate contacted me recently to ask if I would consider creating a website for her new business, of course I said yes.

We love creating websites, especially for great people. When Rozanne DiBella told me what her business idea was, you could clearly see the passion and dedication that was driving her, I couldn't wait to get started. This project was a joy to work on from start to finish.

Here is what the Sensory Lady does:

Rozanne is qualified recreational therapist who has discovered the unique benefit of diversional therapy by use of sensory equipment for individuals with any severity of disability. Her mobile sensory equipment enhances the senses by providing visual, auditory, tactile and olfactory stimulation.  Rozanne literally lights up with enthusiasm when she describes the transformations she has seen in people who have participated in these sensory experiences.

Please consider supporting the Sensory Lady and the noble work she does for the community.



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