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Logo Redesign For Eagle Vale High School

Logo Redesign For Eagle Vale High School

Here at LJWD, we just love a challenge, and Eagle Vale High School was kind enough to provide one for us. After having spent a frightening sum of money running an online logo design competition, they still were not seeing the design that accurately represented their school, so they got into Google and found us. When they discovered how much we charge, the first response was, 'What's the catch?', but there isn't one. We just like to keep the prices low on our logos, because we know you will come back for the rest of your Corporate Identity after you've seen the quality of our work.



Here is the Eagle Vale High School Logo before we redesigned it:


And here is the logo after we redesigned it:


Have you considered getting your logo redesigned?
Feel free to give us a call on 0431 745 279 to arrange a meeting.



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