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Boosting and Promoting Posts on Facebook
Understanding the similarities and differences between boost and promoted posts on Facebook can be confusing, but it's important to know which one to use because it helps you make better budget decisions. This article will help you navigate your way through.
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Setting up an Email Signature in Outlook Express
To set up your email signature so that it automatically shows up when you create or reply to an email, follow these step by step instructions:
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How to Optimise Images for eCommerce Using
So, you've got yourself a flashy, custom made online shop for your business and now it's time to start keeping your products updated. You'll need to know how to optimise those images so that they load quickly on the web page and still make your website look amazing! This step-by-step tutorial will help to walk you through very basic image editing using the free tool called ''.
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Inserting Images and Hyperlinks into Your Blog Article
Adding a good balance of quality images with your content goes a long way towards retaining the interest of your readers. You can also help to reward valued visitors by giving them easily accessible links to further information and product purchases
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Graphic Designer Wanted - Contract Position
LJWD is now seeking a new Team Member to help out with the Graphic Design needs of our growing business. This is a 'work from home' position and training is available for the right candidate.
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Complete Leathercare ACT gets a whole new website!
It's such a treat to work with a client like Complete Leathercare ACT! The amazing before and after images of their furniture restorations, their tear-jerkingly beautiful testimonials from top name customers and the quick, professional communications made this job seem like a privilege to be involved in.
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A Warm Welcome to Nictritious!
With an awesome business name like 'Nictritious', a well considered business plan, a much needed service to the community and a very clear vision for the future, Nicole Cusack's Corporate Identity Package was an absolute joy to work on.
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Tags: Nictritious , Logo Design , Website , Launch Day , Corporate Identity , Email Signature , Letterhead Design , Web Hosting | View Count: (1462)
Logo Redesign For Eagle Vale High School
Here at LJWD, we just love a challenge, and Eagle Vale High School was kind enough to provide one for us. After having spent a frightening sum of money running an online logo design competition, they still were not seeing the design that accurately represented their school, so they got into Google and found us.
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Re Launch of the new Lizzy Johnson Web Design Site!
Don't ask how we did it during our busiest year ever, but we've finally managed to rebuild our own website and launch it on to our beautiful new Virtual Server. We just finished testing and are now very pleased to present to you, our new website:
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Launch Day For Ash De Bakker Racing #76 Website
This website was so much fun to design! Our new client Ash De Bakker came to us with a wealth of images, media items and an impressive social media following and let us put together a website for her. We'd be delighted for you to go and have a look at
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Katherine Towing Goes Ballistic!
It's not surprising that Katherine Towing is doing so well though, they have been faithfully serving the Northern Territory since the 1960s and have gained a huge local following in that time. Having an online presence has put a new spin on the situation though, because now visitors who are not familiar with the Territory can look up Katherine Towing on their mobile phone when they run into problems on those dangerous and isolated roads in the outback.
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Launch Day for David Villanti's New Website
Welcome to the new online presence of David Villanti, the Australian Actor. This timely launch comes just as David and his adorable dog Harper are both appearing live in the Campbelltown Theatre Group production of 'Legally Blonde'. We hope the new website will bring many exciting new jobs for both David and Harper.
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LJWD Welcomes Megan Feeney
The Lizzy Johnson Web Design Team is so pleased to welcome our newest Assistant Graphic Designer, Administrative Support and all-around brilliant person to have in the office, Megan Feeney.
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Welcome to Katherine Crash Repairs
Lizzy Johnson Web Design is delighted to welcome Katherine Crash Repairs to our list of clients. We hope people in the Northern Territory will have an easier time finding you now that you're on the first page of Google search results
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Expert Photo Retouching Now On Special
Do you have precious family photos that need a bit of care? We will beautify or repair your photos with expert results for only $300 for each A4 Image!
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Website Redesign for Compusoft Australia
We've seen Compusoft Australia through a lot of changes over the years, and are always happy when the time comes to refresh the website and branding. You may be interested to see some of the steps in their branding evolution.
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Launch Day for Star Metal Polishing!
Congratulation to Star Metal Polishing Service! Your new website, logo, business cards and video are ready to share with the world. May your new Corporate Identity bring you many happy customers.
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Last Days for the Free Logo Special!
The 'Free logo with every website' special is ending this week, so if you wanted to save some money on quality graphics and web design, now is the time.
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How IPv6 Has Changed the Internet
To help tell the story of how the Internet has changed since the beginning of World IPv6 Launch on 6 June 2012, the Internet Society has created this brilliant Infographic that explains through both numbers and charts how the Internet changed – and is continuing to change!
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One Year Anniversary For the Website of Bardwell Park Physiotherapy
Ruth Brian from Bardwell Park Physiotherapy had no online identity at all when we met over a year ago, but she was still doing all-right because she had a long list of clients from her many years of excellent service to the community.
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