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Launch Day for Hemisphere Migraton

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Launch Day for Hemisphere Migraton

Launch Day for Hemisphere Migraton

Congratulations on the launch of your new website to Patrick Vanderham of Hemisphere Migration, an Immigration Attorney Extraordinaire! Patrick came to us asking for a logo, business cards, business stationary and best of all, a flashy new website to help clients to find his brand new business. 

We are so excited about the Corporate Identity package we have put together for Hemisphere Migration. This one was a true team effort, starting with the logo design being directed by Lizzy, but most of the hard work was done by Megan Feeney, proofreading, back end admin and html fine tuning was done by Liam Flower and the technical heavy lifting was done by our new hot-shot ASP Developer Srini Komman. Thanks guys for a job well done. While you were doing all the heavy lifting, it gave me a chance to concentrate on the fun and creative aspects of the website.

Special Features:

  • Video Banner!
  • Rotating Text Modules
  • Accordian Text boxes to contain the bulk of information about all the many services offered by Hemisphere Migraton
  • A unique third party Human Resources form that allows visitors to upload documents to a secure database
  • Our favourite xBlog module has been configured with special permissions so that Patrick can have members of his staff uload blog articles safely
  • Interactive Google Map and Contact Form have also been configured for this site
  • Links to all the Hemisphere Migration Social Networks
  • More dynaic Bootstrap components than you can shake a stick at
  • Of course, all of this is sitting in a clever device and browser responsive DNN platform, so it looks good - no matter how you look at it

We're looking forward to seeing this exciting and much needed business taking off in a big way. We will send Patrick an invitation to our feedback form after he's had a couple of Months to live with his new Corporate Identity Package from Lizzy Johnson Web Design.

If you would like a complete new business starter package, call us on 04 3174 5279 to ask about package deals- We could probably manage a special price for you. Or you could fill in a contact form and we'll call you at your convenience.

You can see the new Hemisphere Migraton website at:

All the best to you too!



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